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  • BIGAB 7-10
    #V70036  Brand new
    Brand : BIGABModel : 7-10
    One of BIGAB?s best selling models, and perfect for those requiring a smaller trailer for lighter loads in tighter spaces. Strong, stable but light and easily...
  • BIGAB 8-10
    #V70037  Used
    Brand : BIGABModel : 8-10
    BIGAB 8?12 with its 30 years in service is a faithful servant indeed. It is light and versatile but has a strong frame and greater load capacity than the 7-10...
  • BIGAB 10-14
    #V69957  Brand new
    Brand : BIGABModel : 10-14
    BIGAB 10?14 is the model which meets the quality and equipment availability demands of the professional operator. Even though extremely flexible, because of...
  • BIGAB 10-14 Generation 2
    #V70035  Brand new
    Brand : BigabModel : G2
    BIGAB 10 - 14 G2 is a new Generation of hook lift system. The tipping angle is 60 % which is an increase of 12 degrees to the previous model. The tipping speed...
  • BIGAB 12-15
    #V70038  Brand new
    Brand : BIGABModel : 12-15
    BIGAB 12?15 has a foldable tower to enable greater exchange capability and a reduced pulling angle. This is the perfect choice when a flexible trailer with...
  • BIGAB 14-17
    #V70039  Brand new
    Brand : BIGABModel : 14-17
    BIGAB 14?17 is basically the same as the 12-15 but is the perfect choice if you require a fully equipped variant, offering excellent return on your investment....
  • BIGAB 15-19
    #V70040  Brand new
    Brand : BIGABModel : 15-19
    BIGAB 15?19 is a faithful servant and continues to be one of our most popular models with huge numbers of satisfied customers. Its areas of use are numerous,...
  • BIGAB 17-20
    #V70041  Brand new
    Brand : BIGABModel : 17-20
    BIGAB 17?20 is a new model with the same basic design as the 15-19 but which is fully equipped, most of the equipment being fitted as standard at the factory....
  • BIGAB 20-24
    #V70042  Brand new
    Brand : BIGABModel : 20-24
    Strong, economic design and good value for money are terms well fitted to the BIGAB 20-24; the trailer for those with heavy-duty transportation needs. Its many...
  • BIGAB 22-27
    #V70043  Brand new
    Brand : BIGABModel : 22-27
    Are you in need of a larger trailer that can cope with continual hard work but which treats loads carefully? BIGAB 22?27 is perfect for you. This is a trailer...

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