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  • SG160
    #V71490  Brand new
    Brand : MECANILModel : SG160
    Lightweight grapple saw with tilt - for installation on forest trailers with crane, tractors, small forwarders etc. This small and lightweight grapple saw,...
  • SG220
    #V71491  Brand new
    25 500,00$
    Brand : MECANILModel : SG220
    Easy-to-use and lightweight grapplesaw with tilt - A safe way to remove trees in difficult places This grapplesaw is suitable for felling and removing of trees...
  • SG280
    #V71493  Brand new
    Brand : MECANILModel : SG280
    Grapple saw with tilt function - for installation on trucks, forest machines, excavators etc. This grapple saw works the same way as the popular smaller grapple...
  • XG220
    #V69947  Used
    Brand : MecanilModel : XG220
    Our largest energy head with saw. Requires no extra hydraulic hoses. Battery charges by using the grapple. Perfect for large log loaders, excavators or harvesters.
  • EG250
    #V71937  Brand new
    Brand : MecanilModel : SG250
    Efficient and light energy wood felling head with cutting knife This is one of the most versatile energygrapples there is on the market. This grapple is an...
  • VG 400 firewood grapple
    #V69944  Brand new
    Brand : MecanilModel : VG400
    firewood grapple with equalisation valve
  • Grapple with tilt
    #V70237  Brand new
    Brand : MecanilModel : T200/ T220
    you can get the Mecanil tilt grapples in 2 different sizes; T200 and T220.These grapples are normal loading grapples with built-in tilt function, but still...