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    #V74228  Brand new
    Brand : FARMAModel : LOG LIFTER 1000
    Looking for a practical way to load your firewood processor, sawmill, or just move logs around the yard? FARMA offers the LOG LIFTER 1000. Available with 3...
    #V74227  Brand new
    Brand : FARMAModel : BC25
    FARMA now offers 3 models of tree shears with a cutting blade. When doing cleanup work or biomass, a cutting blades requires much less maintenance than a bar...
  • Farma 4.2-6D
    #V69941  Brand new
    Brand : FarmaModel : 4.206D
    3 in stock! Come check them out! News - Now available with the new turn house - the strongest 5 on the market! FARMA proudly presents a whole new powerful...
  • Farma 4.6-7D
    #V69940  Brand new
    Brand : FarmaModel : 4.6-7D
    Year : 2015
    7 ton trailer comes standard with rear extension bank and hydraulic frame steering. 4.6 meter (15 foot) boom equipped with hydraulic winch and grapple dampener...
  • Farma 5.3-8
    #V69942  Brand new
    Brand : FarmaModel : 5.3-8
    The FARMA CT 5.3-8 lumber trailer is a real bestseller. The G2 C 5.3 crane gives you a completely new movement pattern. The C 5.3 G2 is a more modern crane,...
  • Farma 6.3-9
    #V69948  Brand new
    Brand : FarmaModel : 6.3-9
    The FARMA T9 lumber trailer has for several years been our best selling trailer model. A very strong and much-appreciated trailer with frame steering that is...
  • 6.3-9 4WD
    #V71939  Brand new
    Brand : FarmaModel : 4WD
    The 9 ton trailer is now available with hydraulic drive. A protective plate is placed between the support postes and the tires are substituted for Trac tires.
  • Farma 6.3-10
    #V72993  Brand new
    Brand : FarmaModel : 6.3-10
    Year : 2016
    Designed specifically for customers wishing to transport 2 rows of 8', our 10 ton trailer is based on the same design as our successful 9 ton trailer with the...
  • Farma 6.3-10 4WD
    #V73017  Brand new
    Brand : FarmaModel : 6.3-10 4WD
    Our FARMA T10 4WD is based on the same design as our successful 9 ton 4WD. Our 10 ton trailer unlike the 9 ton trailer is equipped with the 19/45-17 wheels.   The...
  • Farma 7.0-10 G2
    #V70750  Brand new
    Brand : FarmaModel : 8,5-10
    FARMA proudly presents our new design-protected series of lumber trailers under the profile, which gives a more durable design that also means the central section...

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