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  • Entracon EH50
    #V73672  Brand new
    Brand : EntraconModel : EH50
    Year : 2017
    A large harvester designed for serious foresters. The flotation tires ensure the ecological impact is still kept to a minimum all while having an impressive...
  • Entracon EH40
    #V73671  Brand new
    Brand : EntraconModel : EH40
    Year : 2017
    A medium sized harvester designed for contract work or large acreage where the ground is wet and the consideration to environmental impact is important. 8...
  • Entracon EH30
    #V73670  Brand new
    Brand : EntraconModel : EH30
    Year : 2017
    A small harvester for thinning work on delicate soil and where ecological impact is very important.  8 wheel drive 74HP cummins engine Available with a choice...